Bittersweet Blasphemy

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June 25, 2013 by Craig McAllister

Bittersweet Blasphemy are a teenage glam rock band from Scotland. This means:

  • A cool-looking logo!
  • A singer called Kikxx!
  • Black leather jackets for all the band!
  • A twin axe attack. Oh aye!
  • Super-slick guitar solos that slither up and down the frets like quicksilver on an ice rink!
  • Riffs that Slash himself wishes he’d written!
  • Drums that sound as fast and furious and frantic as a machine gun on the frontline!

bb logo

The key word at the top there is ‘teenage’. Bittersweet Blasphemy are ridiculously young. I’m talkin’ less-than-half-my-age-young. And I’m only 21. Bittersweet Blasphemy are also ridiculously talented. When I was their age, I was bashing along to Smiths records without any real hope of ever emulating Johnny Marr’s sweet riffs. Secretly though, I wanted to be able to play one of those lightning-fast beedly-beedly-beedly guitar solos that all the US metal bands rattled off every other second on their records. Bittersweet Blasphemy, the cheeky, talented b*stards have only gone and done it. Seasoned musicians in Prestwick’s Eagle Tavern (all the rock guys play there, aye?) couldn’t muster up the sort of hi-octane rifferama that these lads seem able to turn out at ease. Goodness knows what their mums and dads have put up with during band rehearsals since forming in 2009, but my god, these boys can play!


band picture (1)

Right granny see that band with the facepaint? Aye KISS!! We are the more attractive modern day version with a hint of heavy metal, inspired by Guns ‘n Roses and Motley Crue, none of your Take That **** (Fill the stars in yourself)

Got the idea?

Here’s Running Out Of Time (available to download!):

And here’s what the band had to say about it:

Our favourite track has got to be Running Out of Time. Our lead guitarist William wrote the song based on the issue of bullying. What goes around comes around would be a good saying to describe the song. Our lead singer Kikxx added a higher vocal part at the end of the song, which he grabbed infuence from Black Veil Brides’ record Wreched And Devine.

(Nice double-tracking on the vocals too).

There’s no phony pretence going on here. No namby-pamby nods of the head to hipness or fashion. When they’re not doin’ ollies and half-pipes at Ayrshire’s various skate parks, Bittersweet Blasphemy unashamedly live in a world of Sunset Strips, hot chicks, cold beer, fast cars and slow summers.

What I like about Bittersweet Blasphemy is that they’re sussed. They’ve thought not just about the tunes, the recordings and the gigs, but also about the marketing, about how to present themselves. And not just in the logo department. Or the wardrobe section. Over on Facebook right now, they’re giving away a free ticket to their Freckfest show if you promise to take 3 people to the show with you. Smart lads, this lot.

If they keep progressing at this rate, Axl Rose may just try and poach them for his next failed attempt at a G’nR revival. Smart lads that they are, though, Bittersweet Blasphemy would probably give old Axl the rubber ear. And rightly so. If there is to be a glam metal revival anytime soon, don’t bet against Bittersweet Blasphemy spearheading it, skinny legs akimbo as they joyride their way through a set full of loud glam ramalama and hairspray. You just might find them headlining Freckfest 2017, atop a bill that includes Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, KISS, Falling In Reverse, Black Veil Brides and Iron Maiden.

bb live

Bittersweet Blasphemy play The Main Event at Freckfest on Saturday 17th August. Don’t you dare miss ’em now! Buy your tickets here.

You can find out more about the band at the usual places:

bb bottle

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